Over many centuries there has been mining in the Kinzig Valley. The visitor’s mine "Grube Wenzel" in Oberwolfach-Kirche, once one of the most important silver mines in the Black Forest, was opened to the public in 2001 and since then has been fascinating thousands of visitors.

It took ambitious members of the "Förderverein Besucherbergwerke e. V." (Supporter’s Club of the Visitor’s Mines) thousands of voluntary working hours to prepare the mine for visitors. Now the club takes care of the operation as well as keeping up the pit and even extending its accessible areas.

Under expert guidance the area open to the public can be visited or "driven on", as miners say, on a distance of about 1000 metres. Duration of the tour: approx. 75 minutes. Every visitor is equipped with boots, jacket, helmet and a miner’s lamp.

The regular tour fits for persons of all ages, from babies to seniors. For reasons of space it is not possible to enter the mine with buggies/strollers, wheelchairs or walkers/walking frames. We thank you for your understanding.

 Opening hours:
Regular tours at 11.00, 13.00 Uhr and 15.00 till 1st of november. No regular tours on monday.

Admission fees:

Children under 6 years free
Children and adolescents (6 – 17 years),
students, severely handicapped,
persons doing military/social service
3,00 €
Adults 5,00 €
Groups of more than 10 persons 4,00 € per person
Adventure tour (pre-booking necessary) 13,00 €

Reduced admission fees combining the visit of Grube Wenzel and the Museum for Minerals and Mathematics (MiMa) in Oberwolfach are available.

How to get there: here you will find our DESTINATION MAPS and ROUTEPLANNER,
Direction for navigation systems: Frohnbach 19, 77709 Oberwolfach

On request we organize special tours in the Wenzel Mine, for example tours including an "underground  Vesper " (a typical cold dish of the Black Forest) or "underground culture" presenting fairy- tales, myths and legends about mining in the Black Forest.

The underground area of "Grube Wenzel" can be visited on a special adventure tour by persons over 14 years old. Duration of the tour: approximately 3 hours, pre-booking is required.

Special events and group tours (throughout the year, even out of season) have to be booked in advance. Please call exclusively +49 (0) 78 34 / 86 83 92 or contact info@grube-wenzel.de